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1. Name: lauren
2. Age/birthday: 15 may 12 1989
3. Sex: chick

Favorites...(multiples are welcome)

Color: pink green
Musical Person/People: nirvana(kurt is o so sexy) bush rufio acdc guns and roses korn kmk brad paisley alison krauss kenny chesney black eyed peas 3 days grace weezer brand new chevelle.. ect
Song: right now-korn or whiskey lullaby-brad paisley and alison krauss
Actor: paul walker or johnny depp
Actress: amanda bynes(sp)
Book: gossip girl
Movie: dazed and confused and animal house

Personal opinions:
Gay Marriages? there ok i mean people have to be happy
This community? its pretty rad
Homelessness?pretty sad when i see them i just wanna give them some money or something
Cell Phones? gotta love em but i hate when they go dead GRR

what catagories do you fit?
*shy person
* very kind person

*teachers pet
* other __myself i dont like lables__

2.whats your zodiac sign? taurus
3.what stores do you shop at? mhm lots buckle hot topic and kohls mainly
4.what do you want to be? not quite sure
5.what color of hair would you most be like?
blond-dumb and stupid.
brunette-nice and creative
red head- smart and witty.
black hair- cruel and advantage taking.

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