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YoU KnOw YoU LoVe Me

YoU KnOw YoU LoVe Me

ArE YoU wOrTh It?
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Beautiful... sexy... hott... fun... cool... outrageous... outgoing... and popular?
Join this community... NOW... theres NO reason to wait...


-Your not an applicant unless you fill out the application. Don't be a ass. Fill it out.Along with the pictures!
-Post in the community within 1 day of being accepted. If you dont, plan on getting kicked out.
-If you recieve a no, Dont be a bitch ass, it is just someone's opinion. As long as the majority of the voters say "YES!" then your in. But if the majority is no, make a new application wait 3 days, try again.
-If you didn't read this application, then you wont put your age as the LJ cut text name. If you dont put your age as the LJ cut text name in your application, you will NOT be accepted.
-Please...if you are accepted premote us to other communities
-Please make the questions a different color/text, or make them bold/underlined/italic/large in order for it to be easy to read.
-Applications are always under an lj cut, with your age as the cut. If you dont know how to make a cut, ask one of us.
NOTE: if you are really intrested in joining (wich we hope you will be) mkae sure you make you pictures look nice or take nice pctures (by the way age dosnt matter unless your over 22)

This is a great community. Post in it. If you don't... you'll be kicked.
This is a perfect community for you. Let others join the fun. If you don't promote... you'll be kicked.
If you don't take a person's looks into account while voting for them, biotch don't vote!
Comments left in our community like "nobody would want to join this community, its preppy... your gay..." SHOULD be responded to very bitchily... and will.

title or description
1. Name:
2. Age/birthday:
3. Sex:

Favorites...(multiples are welcome)

Musical Person/People:

Personal opinions:
Gay Marriages?
This community?
Cell Phones?

what catagories do you fit?
*shy person
* very kind person
*teachers pet
* other ____________
2.whats your zodiac sign?
3.what stores do you shop at?
4.what do you want to be?
5.what color of hair would you most be like?
blond-dumb and stupid.
brunette-nice and creative
red head- smart and witty.
black hair- cruel and advantage taking.

[2 to 10 pics of your self ~make sure to include at least one face shot] ~WE DO JUDGE LOOKS IF YOU WANT TO GET ACCPETED THEN LOOK NICE IN YOUR PICTURES IF YOU DONT LIKE HOW SOMEONE IS BEING REALLY PICKT (wich will happen) THEN TELL US. DONT FIGHT BACK!!!!!!!
When votes are totaled... you'll receive one of these.


use THIS to advertise our community

here is the link code:
img src=http://img62.photobucket.com/albums/v188/xchickxxxflickx/LIVeJOurnAL%20SHIt/thjoin_the_community.bmp (put a < at he beginging and a > at the end)