♥ J e s s ♥ (jessyv213) wrote in cuzyourworthit,
♥ J e s s ♥


1. Name: Jessica
2. Age/birthday: 13...Spetember 29
3. Sex: Girl

Favorites...(multiples are welcome)

Color: Pink
Musical Person/People: Ashlee Simpson
Song:  LaLa by Ashlee Simpson
Actor: Denzel Washington
Actress: Jennifer Aniston
Book: I've lived a thousand years
Movie: Mean Gurls

Personal opinions:
Gay Marriages? I think people should be able to be however they want..so i really dont mind..
This community? I  think its a really cute community
Homelessness? i think people are homeless because they want to because they can get jobs.
Cell Phones? Their Great..i love them!!

what catagories do you fit?
*shy person
* very kind person

2.whats your zodiac sign? Libra
3.what stores do you shop at? Hollister..Abercrombie..etc.
4.what do you want to be? a journalist
5.what color of hair would you most be like?
brunette-nice and creative

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